Recovery Miracle

I write a great deal about attitudes, and this is that… but not entirely.

Something that others might dismiss as mere coicidence happened to me (again) the other morning during my coffee and personal devotional time.

If you knew where I came from back in the day, and knew what I’m yet capable of (or knew yourself perhaps) you’d understand I read a handful of devos daily, think, pray through them and give Thanks.

So one of the two I mention isn’t a very common devo book, rather, it is “Celtic Prayers” (Robert van de Weyer). Richly illustrated with a lot of amazing art from that sphere of work it contains a great many beautiful pieces of writ. I do not read it every day but have enjoyed it immensely since my longtime friend Jon Trott gifted me with it.

The other is a 12 Step and very scripture-packed book done by a Lutheran pastor which I do read daily and rarely miss, “God Grant” (Paul F. Keller).

The writings are far removed from one another geographically, much in scope and in some cases by many, many hundreds of years. And yet…

From “A Million Miracles”, line number one, a Celtic Christian prayed “O Son of God, perform a miracle for me: change my heart.”

I moved on to the other and as the pastor riffed on Jesus’s “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” he finished the short devotional with this:

“God grant that I may be yoked to Christ.” And ended with “Being yoked to Christ is much easier on us that being yoked to a bottle.”

Recovering from ANY addiction (and the list is about as long as the journey of one’s life is) will humble one who is already feeling worthless, useless and confused except when loaded, high, yielding to demons and personal whims, discarding anyone who seems “in the way” of the fix, whatever that “fix” may be.

As I read these that morning I ended thinking-

we have the drug and it ends up having us

Conversely and in the most positive sense- in a real relationship with the Risen Jesus Christ, we have Him and He ends up having us. Or vice-versa likely more the reality.


This is my deepest desire. It is my life-long LIFE QUEST.

Everything else ends, will end because we ultimately have no real power to stop the end of our earth-life. And far too much of whatever “it” may be we don’t wish to let go of, the addictive stuff, destructive elements we’ve convinced ourselves we cannot live without or are so controlled by -letting go seems impossible. That. Is. Not. True.

“With God ALL things are possible.” In Christ. And with the help of those who’ve been there, done that.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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