The Good WHO?!!

OUT ON THE JERICO ROAD -glenn kaiser

Urban, Suburban, Country man
City, rural Lady -whoever Ma’am
Out on the Jerico road (2x)

They jumped you baby
Took what you had
An ordinary day
Turned badder then bad
Out on the Jerico road (2x)

Priest, Levite, walked on by
Samaritan dude got a tear in his eye
Out on the Jerico road (2x)

Two kept going, only one stopped
Helping the beaten one left there to rot
Out on the Jerico road (2x)

I been the Priest, the Levite too
Samaritan- left for dead blue
Out on the Jerico road (2x)

Optional ain’t it- which one we’ll be
Love an’compassion is costly indeed
Out on the Jerico road
Out on -name any road

Most of us know the story Jesus responded with when a dude wanting to (note) “justify himself”… asked Him about loving his neighbor. “So who is my neighbor”?

Jesus might have used a different human example as a metaphor in our time and place. He could have replied “A certain Republican” or “Democrat” or “Black”, “Asian”, “Indigenous”, “Rural”, “Urban”, “Suburban” person -and any of them could have been the hero.

Jews hated Samaritans and they had their reasons to not “love their neighbor” as themselves. Jesus blew down that wall and in part that added to the pile of issues that got him hated by those in power finally leading to His own crucifixion.

From an Evangelical Covenant Church study I’m partaking in re. the Luke 10.25-37 text:

“To love God means to show mercy to those in need. This is true even when your neighbor treats you as strength, and we love our neighbor as ourselves. It requires both, not either/or. This passage illustrates
that our neighbors are not determined by geographic proximity, ethnicity, race, social statues, or country of origin; our neighbors include everyone made in the image of God.” lSource: The Kingdom Mosaic Life Together Series, ECC]

So what human being born on the earth was not created in God’s image? Selfishness and personal cost do not justify us.

Love, on the other hand, reflects the heart, soul, strength and mind of God.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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