Mountaintop, Pits

Mountaintop, Pits. If we don’t navigate it, we might call it quits. Hmmmm, lyricist am us… so note the the rhyme from the title through that first little bit there… 🙂

Early on in my faith I heard a number of sage preachers, teachers and such mention that “things grow in the valley” not on the tops of mountains. The idea is we get stretched by our difficult experiences, it ain’t unlimited ice cream and cake up in the sweet and un-challenging got-wonderful with few or no struggles moments in life mountaintop experiences.

They were correct. I’ve surely learned more though admittedly often unwillingly- in those tough patches of life than elbow-out-the-window-in-the-breeze times.

Now I must also admit in my younger days I thought -note, “thought“- I was better at shifting from one to the other than I really was. Decades later you might have a better sense of who you were and now are.

The deal for me and plenty others is remembering how you got where you are and therefore you can find your way back, or out, or certainly forward. My own experience is faith in, conversations with and noticing God’s arms wrapped around me, the whispers of the Spirit leading me this way and that and recognizing the immediate grace of Jesus when in either place.

It’s good to shake yourself, ask for and use eyes to see and ears to hear that your entire life isn’t ALL deep, dark valleys. Truth. Which of course many blow off as fantasy.

It has been a long, long time since I believed, had any sense of faith that I was doing life alone, all by myself, zero God and zero help (or as Paul put it “Without hope and without God in the world.” Ephesians 2.12b).

I truly do not take that grace for granted as I’ve done zippo to earn it. He IS my Source, Deepest Well. Notice the progression in Paul’s “faith, hope, love”.

Paying attention, asking, seeking, knocking, reaching out of myself because I can’t make it -“it” being whatever it might be in any given moment -without Him.

Call me stupid, crazy, purely imaginative or deluded, you weren’t there when I was freaking completely out in bad trips, paranoia, deep despair or hating myself and distancing myself from every other human as much as possible. You didn’t answer my prayer the night He did and of course you couldn’t. Nobody but Jesus could or did.

Here I am 50 years later and truly nothing even close to the trainwreck I was when I first called on His Name.

Life has not been anything close to a simple joyride but neither is it for anyone reading this regardless of your faith, lack of it or back and forth along a spectrum.

And yet I still find no fault in Jesus. None.

He is no less present in mountaintop joys as in the low-downs, valley of the shadow of death. No. Less. Present.

Of course one must “stay tuned” in relationship or we sure enough can find ourselves drifting…

Things to consider along the path?

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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