Attack-Defend M.O.

Can you imagine your thoughts being largely occupied with either attacking or defending yourself from enemies?

Please know I’m neither thinking of the military or anyone/anything related to my own life. Truly I’m not. Rather, I woke up the other morning with this thought: there are those whose lives have ended though they physically still walk around on the earth due to this sort of preoccupation.

It is neither life nor love for ones mind to be so bent on one’s enemies or possible enemies to either function in a norm of attack or defense mode and thus such accent leaves faith, hope and love out.

I fully believe in the devil and demons, I understand human beings are not intrinsicly trustworthy and there are of course sane, logical, rational reasons to act on such knowledge -but I’m talking about a lack of the presence of God in one’s life mixed with a concept of “vigilance” that concocts a slow-cooking stew morphing into a phobia, a fixation to where anxiety, depression and all sorts of mental imagination and effort moves a person’s regular thinking into these two pools of attack or defend “at all costs”.

Such a state is certainly a thief and robber. Such would also keep one from serving others because of overblown suspicion and likely false judgment toward anyone who is potentially unsafe.

Preoccupation with self is not only a self-destructive force, it shares it’s devastating qualities with others also infecting them.

Finally, I would posit a person living in such malady loses actual control and likely the ability to “by love serve one another” (as the Scripture says) due to the greatest focus toward keeping/maintaining/gaining control. Self is the overarching concern. Fight or flight is a vicious animal to feed and a mindset that destroys it’s owner.

There are a number of antidotes to this but they all involve surrender to a greater and more dangerous truth: humans were and are created to love, not merely survive in a state of stress, paranoia, prejudice or malice toward others.

Consider what Jesus actually taught, then did for His enemies (including us!) and you’ll begin to see a massive contrast to the self-induced misery of mere attack and defense.

“I have come to give you life…” -that He did and does.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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