Petty Little Foxes

Yep, in the illustrious (I’m joking here…) Glenn’s life! That’s where cheerful servanthood ought to be present in acts done in/out of love for my Lord, my wife and family and others. So here’s the sometimes truth about me.

Usually, not always mind you but normally the abnormal Big Freak-Out stuff doesn’t shock or devastate me. Living as long as I have there have been plenty of those. No, it’s the little mundane stuff where I freak, and here in all honesty are two general catagories in my own life.

First- “Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF”, “He who loves his wife loves himself…” have been on my mind recently along with “God loves a cheerful giver”. Gulp.

I deeply love Jesus and my wife- but being home more in pandemic time naturally means more “Honey could you please…?”. Her main area of loving service (and she’s a QUEEN in this area!) is loving me and our family members several of whom live in the same building. Her cooking keeps us healthy and she’s SO good at it!!!

I love her and all my fam to BITS… but always have 3 or 4 other areas of service going on, interact with literally hundreds of people online and otherwise on a continual basis, 5 and more areas of media including music and all the stuff part of my calling – all of which has only escalated incrementally over the years, go figure!

The sheer number of communications w. folks in my average day would likely overwhelm the most adept and committed person. It’s part of why I’m on the planet -BUT… I’ve literally written a short book including a chapter on responsibility to family. I get get get get and get what I’m supposed to be thinking, saying and doing yet often find myself in “duty’ rather than “gratefully serving when called upon” mode.

Next allow me to add as no defense whatsoever to my own selfishness and at times right-now stuff to-do level, I absolutely love getting whatever it is I’m working on finished. So one of my pet “arrrrggghhh!” emotions is having to drop my list to help someone get theirs done in a timely fashion.

I won’t list the stuff I do that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t get done if I had not and did not routinely choose to do various household chores not because my Sweetheart wouldn’t do ’em all by the way -but for good reason she cannot or should not. Like most everyone reading this I’ve daily and weekly chores I’d never have chosen. Hey- I’d rarely choose any sort of “cross” if it were solely up to me. There is God the Holy Spirit and even I hear His voice sometimes!! Love equals Time and is also lived out in service -and I know this is true.

All this to say “By love SERVE one another” is a near-constant conviction and undercurrent of my own failings to be willing, to set aside my own whatever it is (and sometimes petty) agenda and serve when and where I ought to.

So I confess if anything in this Covid/lockdown time has been sandpaper in my life it’s the simple, basic duties and often the spur-of-the-moment stuff… well o.k. the dinky sink and mature mass of dirty dishes I volunteered for (did I say that? yep, it was the right thing to do, still is). Now to mature more myself 🙂

Ahhh the life of a rock star… I wonder what it’s like cuz ain’t never been there. The life of a loving husband, father, grampa and friend? I’m still working on that after all these years!

Thank God and my dearest wife and family for their grace and patience with me. Love not only covers a multitude of [my] sins… it does the dishes with kindness and grace.

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Petty Little Foxes

  1. This is a wonderful testimony. It is so great to hear of a man who truly loves his wife. It is a rare thing to hear. Thank you for sharing this.

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