Heb. 13.8 “…the same always” -Jesus
Mal. 3.6 “…do not change” -God the Father
John 14.16 “…with you forever” -Holy Spirit

There are loads of Bible statements that speak directly to the reality of the unchanging God, but in what I’ll term the cosmology of we humans there is also the fact of change -both changes we like and approve of and those we do not and at times cannot control.

In biological aging our very bodies won’t remain the same as when we were young. Constancy is not an option there.

Myriad events take place in countless areas and ways -plenty of which we have no actual ability to change more to our own liking.

The Serenity Prayer includes the wise line “accept the things I cannot change” with good reason.

When painful disrupting events, people and thoughts swirl, in a lifespan certain to include minor if not directly-affecting major “pandemics” of various sorts, kind, good, helpful constancy is a gift! Who, what and where is both comforting and unchanging -bringing not only purpose and meaning but peace and even pleasure in the storm?

Faith in addiction be it drug, bottle, sex, power, money or material things is a thin temporary fix, not constant -and sometimes fatal. None of these in themselves love you.

Faith in the natural universe and it’s elements is faith in change and flux, not stability.

Faith in human perfection or their static dependability is faith in mythology if not an epic lie or outright insanity.

“My peace I give you, not as the world gives…” -Jesus, John 14.27

“…no variation or shadow due to change.” -James 1.17

When you’re willing He is waiting, ready and able. In truth, unchanging.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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