The Cozy Learn

Sure, sometimes it’s the rough road, the cross-filled experiences through which we learn -but that’s not what this post is about 🙂 !

While recently driving through smaller, pretty tree-lined streets in a Chicago autumn, some decorations up, overcast with a bit of rain -my brain and emotions triggered to a sort of Super-Eight flick flow, a series, a number of slightly amber-bathed snapshots of cozy corners, spaces, scenes of autumns past and present.

Various blends of coffee and in the fall seasons a number of varieties of hot and often spiced tea popped up in my mind. A lit candle or two. A book opened, often decades old, the scent of it. A little, old netbook’s soft glow as I read and consider. Soft lighting.

A seat by a window where I can view leaves, birds flitting in their search to feed and ward off the approaching winter with it’s challenges.

I am warm, seated, loving the atmosphere, studying any number of issues.

In my case such coziness isn’t so much a “fun” read but rather a study of people as an arm-chair anthropologist in a sort of humanities trek through endless encyclopedias (especially before the internet existed) and these days often via a Kindle or laptop read, learning more about the vast and needful world of people in which we live from many perspectives.

Praying, giving thanks, asking for clarity, repenting where I must, asking God’s intervening grace and healing for those in need, considering who I might check up on among a large world of friends due to the sheer volume of years, concerts, church and other gatherings I’ve attended, time spent in their homes and them in mine -relationship. Guidance regarding relationships.

For me “cozy” often expands into considering others and service – not because I am not at times quite selfish, lazy or somehow sinless mind you! Like anyone I’m in need of growing and loving others better and more genuinely… but somehow these many seasons, times, places (three libraries, my own office/s, various spots in woods/forests and such where I experience this sense of His presence I discover communion with God, but even alone, with no people present I’m learning about them and learning, yearning how to love people more, to love better. In this process He also reminds me how much He loves me, what He did and does for me.

Somehow such experiences when no major tasks are being asked of me or that I need to do immediately, a window and atmosphere of cozy becomes a place of learning, of deepening connection to Jesus and others.

My wish for you dear reader, is that you might recognize and experience such a space (or spaces) and moments when heaven touches earth with warmth, thought, contemplation and thus “cozy” blooms… spills over into grace shared in tangible ways with others. Yep, I mix metaphors plenty 🙂

Such times and places are gifts from God. May you and I be sensitive, aware of, take steps to cooperate with Him along our journey.

Cozy is a gift we need to notice with grateful hearts and able minds.

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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