we KNOW?

I’ve stated this before, but I’ve lost count of the times someone would critique the music style and approach to ministry myself and friends in Resurrection (REZ) Band did for many years by simply saying “God disagrees with you, He doesn’t like that music!”- and my reply would often begin with “How much time have you spent with the 480 verses (40 New Testament, the rest OT) of scripture that speak -in context- to music and it’s use? Let’s begin with discussing those.” Nearly one-hundred percent of the time they would stand and silently stare at me in response.

My aim was not to merely upstage, checkmate or win an argument. The issue was one of illiteracy, ignorance, prejudice and more often than not a key ingredient of personal preference. None of those are good soil for “thus says the Lord”, not ever.

This is no leftist high-horse, elitist education statement, it is akin to “Study to show yourself approved a workman unto God rightly dividing the word of truth”. “If anyone thinks they know they do not yet know as they ought to know.” Of course these and other like verses speak about God, His Word the Bible, but the principle is far more broad than that. Ignorance may be bliss but it remains ignorance whether spiritual or otherwise.

A good friend recently wrote what in my view is not only an accurate but an historically verifiable, qualified post about the current state of literacy in our land including that of the church.

I’ll link it at the end of this writ but wish to say I let him know I fully agreed with his comments.

The depth of sheer lack of study, the shallow “click and toss out memes/websites” to “settle” arguments over spiritual, political and cultural differences, in essence “to win” does not an intelligent person make. Neither does it make you or I right, correct, sound, truly educated simply because we know how to use an internet search engine.

I believe one can rightly argue that character is more essential than knowledge but I will also add lack of character with a core of insecurity, fear and willful ignorance perhaps mixed with a little or a lot of anger is no recipe for learning nor true spiritual or intellectual growth!

Years of hard and more thorough broad study joined with experience (putting theories to the test) seem in steep decline.

We’ve work to do- in both deeper literacy and orthopraxy.

Please do a slow read through Duane W.H. Arnold’s post: https://phoenixpreacher.com/38487-2/

God help us!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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