The Sweet Spot/s

Recognizing, being thankful for a place, no, not “knowing your place” but rather the “happy place” or placeS of comfort is the point of this short post.

All of us likely have one or more of these.

For many years in several U.S. states I had places (and still do) that brought me the deepest sense of peace, grace and blessing. In hunting or fishing trips I’d make my way to them due to reasons deeper than bringing something home for the table which I normally did and do.

A bit of blue sky, the sun at just the right angle lighting up autumn leaves, the small inlets or streams surrounded by gorgeously-clothed trees, the quiet but for animals or very rarely the occasional jet overhead and perhaps ebbing, flowing wind… yes indeed!

Now you can laugh or relate, but I’ve had the exact same sense seated in a number of places closer to home -an office chair/desk/computer, the lighting and atmosphere of the spot, perhaps a candle or incense lit, and yep, even a computer operating system I really like cooking along… I know, some of you don’t relate to the vibe, but hey 🙂

For me just add coffee or tea, iced in summer, hot in winter (mostly).

As I write I’m remembering a trip to a 1,900 acre Illinois property where I spent many days and hours tramping up hills and ridges, down into valleys, all along creek beds and spending prayer, stalking but also silent, near-motionless time seated while intensely observing God’s creation in the wonder and gratefulness for it all.

One day doing so I purposely sat on top of a hill alongside the woods until dark as the first snow flurries began to fly. It was quite cold but I didn’t want to move, just warmed by the Spirit and enjoying the show in that time and place, white flakes pipping my cheek.

Today I had that same sense of presence and peace while sitting at my desk. What can I say but “What have you been given that is not a gift?” and certainly easy to think that way when “the peace that is beyond understanding” happens inside?

I’ve experienced what I’m talking about alone on a train trip in Scotland, a walk in Wales, with my wife in Ireland, a forest in Germany, with her and solo all over the U.S. and Iceland, on and on in various places at various times.

I wish for you to recognize the graces of God, the places He meets you in and the peace that comes as you do!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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