First it’s important to consider many folks never get one, don’t have the money or means to vacate their place of residence. Some cannot manage even a weekend retreat, so for those in such a situation, what then?

For the most poor,the homeless and/or those with medical conditions there are usually workarounds. At times assistance is needed from friends or at least caregivers. But I find the following relevant.

Our mind is the first place of rest -or not. It is the first place from which we can launch difference of experience, creativity, discovery, exploration and indeed “someplace ELSE”.

Books. The internet with cheap (or free) computing via computer and friendly wifi or a library. When the weather is cooperative sitting outside in the sunshine for a time. A trip to the nearest park, lake, river or beach (which mostly takes transportation of some kind). With a license and very simple gear one can fish. If healthy enough taking a walk or getting a cheap bike to ride to these places… there are usually ways to vacate if only for part of a day if not longer.

Camping, longer hikes in nature (or urban large parks/forest preserves), flying a cheap kite in a field, art-making of all sorts, scrap-booking, puzzles and such from free or cheap re-sale shops, listening to the radio, learning to play an instrument, maybe even making a simple musical creation, learning to cook- there are countless books and websites one can learn all of this. Well- you get the picture now!

I confess I did most of these in my youth in rural, then small town Wisconsin. We were poor and until in my early teens I never took nor heard of a proper “vacation”. After my parent’s divorce I spent two weeks every summer with my Dad who lived alone “in the sticks” where I’d grown up, but by then it was more about time spent with him, doing chores and figuring out what to do with myself when he was doing something I couldn’t help with or when he napped each day. Shooting my little BB rifle, laying in the grass in the sun, listening to the radio or when I had one, bike riding within about 2 blocks of his house on a two-lane blacktop (where a car or tractor passed about once every 3 hours) was about all there was to do. We went fishing a lot. And oh the mosquitoes!

It seems to me the worst “bugs” are in our minds, and in my own experience the “mind of Christ” which began as I came to believe and Whom I began to follow so changed my focus and perspectives, this has been the most freeing relationship with the most perfect, unchanging Person and that made all the difference in my own experience.

I am writing this on the last day of an amazing week-long vacation where I did many of the very things I’ve mentioned. Reading God’s Word, praying and simply sitting in the sun in a peaceful and more quiet space has been a tonic to me! Spiritual rest from The Comforter.

Certainly “your mileage may vary” but vacation or none there is a mental and likely physical space or three where you can find practical rest. My short list of ways and means above may be helpful. I wish you the will to reach for grace and freshness. The world will always be a place where peace and rest are challenged so it’s important to learn and grow beyond it though still living in it.

One day a new world will come- and the Prince of Peace as it’s King of Kings where all and all within it will experience eternal grace up close and personal. Meanwhile I ask you to consider what I’ve written -and seek both Jesus as well as available space and activity to “vacate”.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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