Depression Cures

So in one sense… when one finally gets tired of getting beat up, one seeks a true cure and freedom from the pain. Depression, in that sense, moves one to search to discover a legitimate cure.

Clinical, brain/body-chemical depression isn’t in itself spiritual and that’s another matter that must be properly diagnosed by trained, certified medical professionals. I’m not qualified in that way! What I can say from experience is when those with such issues take the right meds and along with applying other therapies as prescribed the difference is amazingly positive.

There is also a general component of family/school/work/societal conditioning as to where regardless of details we all must admit navigating depressing circumstances, events and sometimes people and our own feelings due to them. Such is a flat-out reality for everyone. Denial doesn’t promote healthy change and is no solution to what ails a regularly depressed person. Also the other side of this is one can imagine oneself depressed right into becoming so…

But let’s flip this for a moment.

What really and truly nurtures you? I mean long-term, most of the time, what encourages you about being, living, doing, even to the extent of being productive toward serving others?

The answer/s often differ from person to person.

You may find it helpful to consider what nurture is and is not, and here’s a link to a long list of synonyms and antonyms to consider:

Much nurture can be done alone but it’s essential that we risk (and that’s an important term here) relationships with others who are not in seeming depression themselves who yet are willing to help nurture us.

Risking rejection, yet another level of pain, hurt and “I have not been helped” by the person, people. protocol/s and such can and do often bring people emotionally into downward spirals, I will not deny it. Doing nothing or “the same old thing” in our own miserable, personal world of depression is certainly not going to nurture any of us either.

Faith- exposing oneself and one’s inner struggle is not a cake-walk, it’s not always easy and for some a pain they in some cases choose to live with. It is in this mind that many also act out causing great harm to others and sadly, themselves.

There are directions we can each take as per several things I’ve already mentioned here, but I suggest we consider and act upon that which nurtures, feeds, uplifts, encourages and yes, promotes the sometimes frightening change that God Himself brings us in Christ by the Holy Spirit. He does it in many ways, but nurture and healing never comes purely alone, by one’s self.

Things to consider in pandemic and -before- personal crisis mode kicks in!

Jesus said in John 10:10 “A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.”

I have experienced this and continue to in relationship with Him and His people -He has no flaws though His people (and I one of them) of course do!

Yet I’ve found no greater love in my long lifetime. The nurture that comes from the Good Shepherd is real, not only now but eternally.

Things to consider when that old liar-thief comes creeping.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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