READ?? Whuuut?!

I get it, and personally love digital, on or offline video clips, audio music, podcasts and studying via them. Have for years. Watch and listen to most of my music on YouTube and SoundCloud. But I read a ton daily. Here’s how and why.

First, I just installed Libby on my mobile phone and will do so on my Kindle soon. Free library books via a free app are sooooo good for study, fun, learning.

I find I’m very much a visual learner but the -why- I read a ton via a massively wide selection of websites is because I love people. I want to really do my best to hear their heart and sometimes a slow. even repeated (lines, paragraphs) read is for me a huge help to that end. Patience and focus is required of course.

Further, I may think they’re crazy, flat-out wrong or far above my own ability to comprehend their actual meaning in terms of their use of video, audio or writing, but reading what they write often gets me there because unless they’re mega-symbolic with terms and phrases, words on a page (literal or digital) tend to give me a better chance at accuracy and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

All of us are judged by our words and artists just as much by what folks deem the qualities or lack of them via our artistic offerings. As I just mentioned, regardless of mode including the art of writing, style and symbolism may confuse while in my opinion similes and metaphors in several phrases and paragraphs of a written piece often “ring the bell” for me whether I may agree with them or not.

In the art of communication it seems to me empathy toward others comes from my ability and effort at trying to best understand THEIR meaning, not what I may think they mean or meant.

There are many other aspects related to this of course! Writing is perhaps the most difficult thing I do and I don’t think I’m much good at it, but then I read amazing bits of writing on occasion that after several tries, leave me thinking “What an amazing gift of word play… and makes not a lick of sense to me. I wonder what she/he was trying to say?!” Sometimes of course it’s my lack of brain cells, education, perhaps even bias. Sometimes they’re just excellent writers adept at using words like paints, chalk or crayons… brilliant stuff… yet lousy communicators of content. But as usual, I digress…

We are living in a time when the patience of reading folk’s thoughts has at least in many ways, been given the heave-ho due to visual and audio modes of presentation. I’m thankful we have all of these methods because they can all be helpful toward better understanding one another.

So I’m LOVING Libby and right now, Buddy Guy’s (famous Chicago bluesman) book. Like life, rough, dealing with racism, faith and hopefully better understanding of how someone other than I think and journey through it all.

Perhaps these things are worth consideration? If you’ve read this far, perhaps we even agree on a few things, ha!!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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