Early August 2020 Update

My Wendi and I and fam. are well, I hope that’s true of you and yours!

This has truly been one of the most busy, productive seasons in my life even in lock-down. Been doing some shows, teaching sessions and jail/prison work all online. I’ve gotten a ton of interview requests and have done all I have had time to do.

I’d only had some 10-12 dates set for the year when Covid-19 hit and all of those can be re-scheduled so no worries. I purposely didn’t book more due to finishing a new record which is about to drop, and I finished all my parts for a 2nd record that will likely come out next year. Details and info. will be posted here and in all my social media sites and at GrrrRecords.Com

About to send 4 mini-concert dvds out to each of 7 prisons, possibly more, and a huge jail as well. These took forever to finish up due to lock-down and a key individual in quarantine (he’s fine!) etc.. Been doing a lot of little video’ed teaching clips and how-to stuff on building found-object/cigarbox slide guitars and diddley bows which are up on my -personal- YouTube channel where you can subscribe if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUvKm9kOqB0

And I’ve posted some public clips public via Facebook.

The response to all of this has been truly encouraging!

I’ve four books in the slowwww-boat editing process, have also done a ton of writing via my social media sites as well as producing and interviewing a slew of various friends in leadership whom I know well as I launch a new podcast series, likely online sometime this month. When it’s up and ready I’ll publish the link.

Here on my WordPress site you can find links on the right and down a bit, to my Facebook and Twitter feeds. I also have separate ARTS site: https://gkarts.wordpress.com/ and WORSHIP site: https://glennkaiseronworship.wordpress.com/

I’ve recently re-published two booklets as well: https://interviewingicons.wordpress.com and also https://musicmusiciansandministry.wordpress.com

Several nights per week I’ve spent some time playing music on the street here in Chicago sharing in convos w. folks passing by, various friends, very fun to do!

So I truly hope you and yours are well, that you know love -and that Jesus indeed loves YOU:)

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

One thought on “Early August 2020 Update

  1. Hey Glenn. I hopped in my truck tonight and the Bluetooth connected with my phone and picked a random song. The one that started playing was “Every time it rains”. This song has ministered to me many times over the years. Just wanted to say I appreciate you and Wendy. Your faithfulness and consistency over the years has been a great example to us all.

    Rob- very kind of you, you’re totally welcome! Grace, daily consistent grace from God, I’m so thankful!! -Glenn

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