GK Social Media Heads-Up!

Heads-up time for those perusing my various online sites:

“Two things you never want to talk about: religion and politics!” That’s been a common piece of advice for as long as I’ve lived and longer. Then again those two items affect people for good or ill around the world and have from Adam and Eve’s creation.

I’m about to begin cleaning up my “friends list” in social media. I’ve done it before but not very thoroughly. I do it in my Twitter account from time to time and on occasion in FB too. Here’s why-

Some did or didn’t read a post I put up a while ago that pertains to this: https://gkaiser.wordpress.com/2020/06/27/fans-and-friends/

What I’ve noticed from the first I had personal FB and Twitter pages (prior to that in my old Blogger and other accounts such as MySpace) there are true friends and then there are fans. They don’t agree with one another on stacks of issues and the same re. each of them and myself. That’s obvious from day one and will never change, not while we’re all on this earth. No problemo until it gets ugly and as anyone reading this knows, what used to be done in letters and the mail or email is now done on “social” media sites.

We have entered a phase in our nation and world where deep disagreement, raw emotion and often slacking, massive propaganda bias that feeds our own extreme fear or extreme anger mixes in with what we believe “true religion” (as Rev. Gary Davis sang) and civil political is-disagreement has ratcheted up the vitriol about a zillion percent.

Historically it’s all happened before and plenty, but the Web and immediate world-wide venting in-your-face demand that others see things our way (yours, mine, whomever) in a quick write, meme, video re-post or audio format sent with a simple click has become another version of shoot-em first, shoot ’em hard and congratulate yourself on your genius because you think you’ve “won”.

Several longtime true friends and godly mentors have been stating the realities of all this for some time. Many have also added things like, “My page, my rules, I’m done with trolls, keep disrespecting this and you’ll be blocked, keep on and I will unfriend you, end of discussion.” I agree. It’s your right on your sites, my right on mine.

Like an increasing number of folks I’ve come to the sad conclusion as we approach the upcoming November election it’s simply wisdom to separate friends who disagree with those who troll, spit, change the subject continuously, toss up endless memes and vid clips largely off-topic and what -I- believe are propaganda rather than anything like thinking in a Bible-based mindset as well as allowing at times historically inaccurate, damning and mere venting content to load up on my page. You get to determine if that what do or have done on your sites, ditto me on mine.

Have I regularly come to your site and loaded it up like that?

Don’t do it on mine.

Disagree with me all you like, but if we are going to call one another friends in a “Friends List”: “The man of too many friends [chosen indiscriminately] will be broken in pieces and come to ruin, But there is a [true, loving] friend who [is reliable and] sticks closer than a brother.” Pro. 18.24 AMP

Certainly Jesus is a true friend and Allelulia! -more than a fan as nice as it is to have fans.

My heart is to wish you God’s grace, wisdom and courage in this time of societal upheaval. I am fully of the mind (as in any generation) that some things need to change and I’ll continue to say so until I’m with my Lord and His people in His kingdom come.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

2 thoughts on “GK Social Media Heads-Up!

  1. I hope that we all in this time of verbally war of the bigmouthed ,we as believers can live lives that reflects the meekness and mercy of Christ. We need each other, Glenn! Evil comes so easy, you don´t have to do much to see it manifest in our mortal bodies, but being like the Lord is the narrow road. Its seeking Him and community in the Lord. That´s not easy peasy. Thanks for sharing bro.

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