The Bean Dish

So there I was, admiring my wife’s fine low-carb cooking. She does so many amazing meals like this, and one was several sorts of special low-carb beans she bakes with spices and love… and soooo good! She’s a Southern girl who absolutely as I often say, looks and cooks! I’m blessed, thank you Lord!

Now 95 percent of the time I’m the dish-doer including all cooking and supper ware from a large family. I admit it can be a tad overwhelming. So I have ways of prepping dishes, setting them up in order/groups and where the food particles are in the trash prior to washing, rinsing and into the drying rack.

I’m also the grease trap cleaner… so you understand my eyes catch what might be caught in the drain and trap if I don’t take such care!

Ok, so today at brunch I enjoyed the last of her beans and then looked at that casserole dish lined with stuck-on beanishness 🙂

Shall I let it soak in hot soapy water for a bit, then maybe do it last after I finish washing the rest of the dishes and silverware? The good scrub pad is the one for this. So, thoughts like that ran in my head as I looked at it.

I wonder what God thinks about His people, the church and churches? Well we do get quite a few accounts where His thinking is front-and-center in both Old and New Testaments. The need for radical scrubbing indeed.

Some of it seems like an embrace and some of it like condemning judgment. Being God, perfect and without worthy competition in those He of course has every right to be Who He is and do as HE sees fit.

How much love, grace, patience does our heavenly Father pour out on His rebellious, self-centered/serving kids day after day, time and again? A massive load of such compassion and kindness. Is there a limit to this in the nature and actions of God, in ancient history, now and hereafter? The Bible is clear that the answer to that is “Yes.”

Let me also be clear- I don’t always know, understand or like what He does… but I state with zero exageration that I beleive He is more trustworthy and faithful than human beings -including myself. This I have learned.

“It is of the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed…” (Lam. 3.22) comes to mind, and also- “Then the Lord said ‘My Spirit shall not strive with humankind forever…'” (Gen. 6.3)

Last thought here and it is indeed double entendre: that dish doesn’t get washed by itself.

P.S.- It turned out my amazing wife had gotten 90 percent of it clean by the time I got to it. 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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