“It’s” What WE Say It Is (or ain’t)??

Ok, straight-up, come now, let’s talk. An amazing book our pastoral team read years ago had one line in it that stood me right up: “The conversation IS the relationship.” Consider, if God didn’t speak to us and we never spoke to nor listened to Him what “relationship” would we have with Him?

I understand people are often very UNlike God. History and personal experience teaches how truly horrible we can be to one another. So let me get quickly to my point today…

If you do not personally experience death, does death exist? i mean, you’re not dead yet right? Maybe you’ve not been to your first funeral or memorial service. Freak-out stuff for many people. So… if I say death isn’t real and doesn’t really affect me or those I love it’s non-existant?

Ok, so death exists but I don’t want to talk about it. If we don’t discuss it and it doesn’t come to my house it’s not an issue, not a problem, we don’t have to face it or prepare for it. Uhuh. And how much reality would you like to pretend doesn’t exist?

See racism in America and often among professing Christians is JUST LIKE THAT.

If we don’t test for Coronavirus nobody’s got it. I mean “I don’t know anyone who has died from it yet so…” although I can’t say that because I do know, did know several people who have died from it or complications because of Covid-19, several of them Christians who are now gone from this earth.

A large MINORITY of white folks who profess to be Christians, who are church attenders have more faith in death than in racism as if they don’t wake up white every morning while plenty of other people wake up black, brown, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and so forth, people of color. God literally created us with various skin pigmentation and there it is. But hey, because I and those I love rarely discuss it, because we’ve decided it’s a non-issue where we live, or in a lot of our nation, regarding our laws, in terms of our personal sense of security as white folks -no problemo.

Some love to quote Paul- “Hey, in Christ there is neither male nor female…” and such. Did he mean males and females do not exist at all? Of course he didn’t! So the concept and for that matter interpretation of pet proof-texts just doesn’t wash with reality.

My friends, at some point this side-stepping denial of the reality and pain of racism is just plain ol’ ignorant. It’s immature. It denies the truth about the experience of all Americans and what people of color experience regularly as opposed to what white folks experience.

Well if you never met Jesus face-to-face, never came to saving faith in Him He doesn’t exist and Christians don’t either, right?!! Come on y’all, get some sense and study to show yourself approved by facing up to reality, not reality as I or your chosen, dominating race says it is but as God Himself says it is. If we don’t get eyes to see and ears to hear both God and our neighbor, indeed, “the least of these” in our land, we’re just as blind and deaf as the Pharisees and scribes who did all they could to get Jesus to shut up and die.

Well there’s this little thing called resurrection. There’s this other little thing called God’s judgment. And there is a God Who sent His Son for all that all might be saved. But there’s also a little verse that says we have to love the truth, not just discuss it, love our enemies, not just read about it, bear ONE ANOTHER’S burdens… and so fulfill the law of Christ.

You want law? There’s one to rock with!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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