Understanding Inner-City Crime?

A dude in Facebook in one of my posts said nobody he knows, black or white “can understand it” related to gun violence in U.S. inner cities. I could have added a lot, lot more as to how folks ended up and end up in poverty-stricken gang-run areas including a load of laws, lack of enforcement, the WAY in which those in power interact with Black and other people of color in such areas, on and on, but here was my rather short-list in answer to his question.

“1. Sin 2. Because we can 3. Legal job opps that poor Black folks do not have anywhere near to what whites do 4. Drugs and prostitution, gangs pay and pay big-time in a racist, capitalistic society 5. White folks pay big for drugs and guns 6. Nahhh, those in power aren’t complicit. 7. I don’t like Kaiser’s and other’s answers like these, must be something else and it ain’t “us” that contributes to the horrors… so it must be THEM (name the people or political party or both) 8. These are the last days so turn a blind eye and either don’t watch/read/listen to any news or only that news source telling me what I already believe to be true 9. A whole lotta rubbish we’ve been taught to believe about the U.S. that was rubbish/propaganda in the first place 10. My own sin, repentance and humility ain’t EVER a factor so quit talking like it ever was or is… it’s THEIR sin, repentance and facing up to the truth (what we whites say it is), end of discussion.”

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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