Why I Love God!

Thoughts for Father’s Day – and every day of my life which is by His grace, eternal…

First off, I could quote a ream of Bible verses and I’ll mention a few here, but this isn’t a Bible study. My purpose isn’t to write an apologetic piece defending either God’s existence or The Bible or Christian rites -and certainly not gracious or even at times horrid behavior of professing Christians through the ages.

I’m simply letting you in on just a little of how I think about God.

It comes down to His nature, what I personally believe, have experienced for close to 50 years of walking with, listening to, speaking with and in general, in relationship with God- Father, Son, Spirit. It IS all deeply informed by The Bible which I assert as true.

Coming from a fractured family, my own obsession with myself, music, drugs, sex and the flippin’ crazy nasty history of humankind in the world, the U.S. and places I’ve lived both rural and urban, to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ was for me, a shock. I mean a total shock.

From that moment (3 a.m. on Sunday, January 3, 1971) to mid-June 2020, this I believe:

God is more than male or female and has no equal on many levels but consider the Trinity and you have 3 and not merely 2 or 1. The “He” Hebrew gender pronoun was the best concept among Jewish writers, and God considered so utterly holy that His name was not to be uttered. Jesus did teach his disciples to pray “Our Father“… so there’s that.

Holy. A term and concept beyond human ability to grasp, in most core essence, the otherness of total – complete purity.

As mentioned prior here, –no equal-. None.

Many would simply define God as “God is love” and that’s a wonderful, true description -but Who God IS and how God reveals God to us is due to Love and so many other qualities of the very nature and character of God. This is part of why there are endless books, poems, songs, sites, rituals and conversations about His nature and character throughout human history.

In that He has no beginning nor ending, He is constant. No created human is equally or more consistent in terms of unchanging character. God’s thorough perfection needs no adjustment, no “fixing”, no repentance for wrong-doing. The “court of public opinion” consisting of flawed, self-seeking humans cannot rightly “convict” God in His nature of crimes He never committed nor commits.

As I’ve said publicly for years I don’t always like or agree with what He did or does, but in that I’m not God and with respect to what I’ve just written here I trust His judgment above mine and all others. I don’t have to understand or agree with all I read in The Bible for Him to act in whatever way He deems right. Neither I nor any one nor group of us are His equal, not in judgment or any other area.

We need forgiveness for sin, not Him. That’s a major reason Jesus came, lived, died and rose!

ALL the Lord does is with a view to humans that He indeed created, so the issue of selfishness regarding His glory and call for our worship/honor/love/obedience to Him as God is not only His right -there is no other as worthy of these.

We love Him because He first loved us. God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

The heart and posture of God toward us is truly amazing grace: For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. He commands all people everywhere to repent, believe in and follow Him. There is a judgment coming, His perfect judgment- but His desire is that no one should perish. He has given each of us great latitude to decide if we’ll trust Him over ourselves, make choices that line up with His desires -or not.

No father can truly compare nor compete with our Father in heaven- and nobody is either capable nor have they proved their love for me as He has, this God, this Jesus -God the Son, this Holy Spirit has been consistent in His love, grace and compassion toward me in all the joys, sorrows and pains of life. Yes I love Him! And as He changed and continues to change my heart and attitudes I’m able to love people, not only wife and family, but all people. For all this and more, I LOVE Him!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Why I Love God!

  1. Father… Your comments reminded me of an experience I had some 30 years ago. I was attending a 12 step meeting, and I was appalled when someone substituted “Our Mother” into the Lord’s prayer. Later I learned that this woman was raped by her father, her uncle, and several other important males in her life. She could not relate the Loving God to a male being. I can to love and respect this wounded soul’s version of a Loving God, and I realized that God was not defined by, nor confined to, the box that my evangelical mind put him in. God is Love, and his love brought healing to this woman, and also to me.

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