What Can We Do?

Toward the end of a recent discussion in social media I wrote:

  • “The real issue is what you and I are doing about these atrocities today. Doing. Today.
  • [A bro responded:] The question is: what can we do?
  • [I replied:]
    • Relationship 101.
    • Time, effort. Prayer w. action to
    • Publicize
    • Protest, demonstrate
    • Mt. 25 ground-up stuff (water, food, clothing, housing, medical care, incarceration visits/care)
    • Legislation to those 6 ends re. justice “for the least of these” whoever they are in your neck of the woods
    • Ground-up gut-level heart-check, off the couch, not endless memes, vid clips and debates in social media w/o practical loving our neighbor. Bearing witness in action not merely quoting scripture (as does the devil himself) but application.
    • Book of ACTS, not concepts, not self-defense, castle-moat-personal kingdom nonsense.
    • I’d say these could turn the world and the churches and the hearts of un/non/pre-believers upside down. Reflecting the words and example of Jesus knowing professing Christians and and those that are not will flak you for it.
    • These are a start.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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