People and The System/s

Here’s the deal- people can be redeemed. We can change! Some of us refuse, will never give… note “give” an inch. Systems can also change because people design them -and I mean just about any system be it governmental, economic, most any of them. Why? They’re no more infallible than the humans who create, implement and maintain them.

But systems once entrenched often take a long time to bend- often more like large (decaying?) oaks than flexing green willows.

Big shots who stand to lose most, little folk who believe in them, their words and systems or for any number of right or wrong reasons (or a mix of both) may detest or be so suspicious of a change that they will fight, maybe even die to prevent it.

I believe patience is a gift from God, a fruit of the Holy Spirit and a mother-of-all-babies cross to embrace, but there is a time for Book of Acts (not Book of Ideas, Concepts, Ideology) efforts regardless if one gets stoned (and I ain’t talkin’ pot nor other drug here…) in the process because without the process and people willing to step up and work for positive, beneficial change it just won’t happen.

Addiction to power, money, in particular a position of control as to where “rule by decree” rather than patience, genuine consideration and change -regardless of the fallout- is a proven path to longevity. I would argue there has been a sorry dearth of “benevolent dictators” in human history. Yet- longevity is fraught with turmoil because of perceived or actual loss.

Are you willing to decrease that others may increase? You might lose your head over it.

Those who have often not shared in the benefits while yet taking the hits inherent from the inequities of a given system must communicate and indeed sacrifice. We pretty much choose our sacrifices, our offerings nearly every step of the way.

People as well as systems can be redeemed. I do believe sometimes a system needs to be completely done away with. The wisdom, patience, and for authentic followers of Jesus, the love in the decisions and actual application of remedies can make all the difference. It must, for without it- “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

In my Twitter feed this a.m.:

Lance Mann@lancemann Somebody explain to me why white Evangelicals call it Marxist for me as a black man to want and seen van be [GK- I believe typos, think he means “to want to receive”] equal treatment in America?

Beth Moore@BethMooreLPM Because it threatens the system. Here’s the pattern: 1. Act horrified like the gospel is about to be destroyed & spread paranoia. Say stuff like, “I never thought I’d see the day!” 2. Distort it theologically. 3. Label it something sinister. The goal: Discredit to dismiss it.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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