Rain, Resilience

Love rain, always have. Enjoy the sunshine too. Been a fair bit of fog and a LOT of rain in Chicago the past 3 days. Sometimes a deluge, flooding and such, even got an emergency flood warning on my mobile.

Living right next to a pond, lake or river can surely affect your perspective on many gallons/liters of rain pouring down and I know some have lost homes and even lives due to it.

Most people simply get -or never get comfortable with it.

I’ve traveled thousands of miles in storms while in huge North Sea car ferries, all sorts of planes, on trains, in vans, cars and such. Been out in the woods (with proper rain gear on, mind you) and here came a great deal of liquid! Sometimes we find comfort, sometimes we don’t.

The day before yesterday I was doing a Zoom interview and noticed the wind had blown a massive downpour -sideways- right into huge glass windows near where I was sitting.

During a few hour break in the weather I took my near-daily walk in our garden and side yard, in part to see how the many blooming flowers were doing.

Growing up in rural country we often had at least a small garden. After my parent’s divorce my Dad mostly always had a rather large one. From my earliest youth with the surrounding farmland as well as by Dad’s veggies it was easy to learn how rain (or at least irrigation of some kind) is as essential as sunshine for growth.

 As I checked out the flowers in that break between weather fronts I snapped this pic:

Most of the flowers had been batted down under the power and weight of the rains and wind. A very, very few stood straight up. But that batch of beautiful yellow tulips told me a story. They stood firm, upright and blooming with health because they were protected under one of our trees. They were still soaked and certainly were part of “a well-watered garden” but standing strong, resilient.

Followers of Jesus and un-believers alike are often sheltered by God whether they’re aware of it or not. A verse I quote often comes to mind. Jesus told us “For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” (Matthew 5.45) Everyone gets rained upon at times… and also warmed by the sun. Everyone.

But the protection of shelter? What spiritual “soil” are you planted in? What sort of protective “roof” are you under? Are you planted with good, honest, loving -imperfect and at times frustrating- people or not? Is the Word of God (studying…) in you due to daily infusion by your own choice? Are you even at core willing to hear truth when you’d be more comfortable believing your own mythology of what’s truly life, your own choice of event/s as opposed to reality as God sees it?

Sometimes we avoid the very tree, the shelter that would keep us standing when the rest of the garden is blown down by the weather of the moment. Sometimes we are unwilling to face our own complicity in why this happens -and blame everyone and everything including the weather and maybe even God for our misery.

See, this ol’ “Glenn flower” has free will. He’s realized long ago that being comfortable isn’t always how he grows, nor stands strong in storms. Being sheltered under the Most High God and daily choosing the means and people to help him be sheltered are a protection too many try to live without. When you’re outside such you are very often there by choice.

Lovin’ those tulips! Thankful for rain and sun alike.

Perhaps something to consider along the journey?

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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