Christians Believe in REDEMPTION?!

So many professing Christians seem not to… if you listen to or read the surfacing attitudes toward people they don’t like, don’t trust or just want gone.

A recent Chicago Tribune article spoke of two groups working legally to fund felons out of sentences on the basis they only remained incarcerated due to the issue of not being able to afford the bail bond set upon them. According to the writ one fifth of those released ended up locked up again, in some cases for murder. Certainly that’s horrific.

Can you imagine how happy you’d be if 4/5ths of all politicians never lied to us, did not pose like actors playing a role for personal gain? What if 4/5ths of every educational grade you received (or those of your children and loved ones) were a solid passing mark?

According to The Bible- ALL MISS THE MARK of God’s righteousness. That’s the very definition of the term “sin”.

Like many reading this I’ve met and maintained relationships with all sorts of people. Some are convicted felons presently serving or did serve a -lot- of time in jail, then prison for their illegal and in some cases murderous actions. Only over time can one recognize the change that Jesus has made and is continuing to make in their lives. The average Jane and Joe often don’t get such a close-up view. The judgment is made “They’re reaping what they’ve sown!” The non-incarcerated citizen feels more safe, secure, perhaps smug in righteousness while under the benefits and protection of law, both civil and biblical. A great many people of color don’t have the same experience.

When a professing lover of God and neighbor regularly debates on these matters I then wish to ask if they have a real understanding of the power of God to REDEEM a person’s life -and not just their own or the lives of people they like or are not afraid of!

We quote The Bible but often don’t believe it nor follow the Lord’s commands. The very same can be said about plenty of judges, lawyers, police, politicians, etc., etc., no?

Redemption is massively why God sent His Son, His Son came down as both human and Deity, and after His death and resurrection sent God the Holy Spirit to continue to work not only His redemption into our lives in terms of our salvation but continuing growth in our loving, obedient discipleship in Christ: a changed, redeemed LIFE.

ALL of us want to see authentic fruit of a changed life. Me too! You want to see evidence in my life and I in yours. So do those who do not follow Jesus as we professing Christ-followers disdain them while we cling to our own blindness and hypocrisies. We are often our very worst advocates for Jesus, His Word The Bible and the very love and grace of God.

Redeemed people must bear the fruit of God’s redemption if anyone is to believe in the reality of it!!

As I write today -re. the Coronavirus more than 83 THOUSAND American citizens have died, 12 MILLION are confirmed sick with but we are approaching 238 HUNDRED THOUSAND recovered folks- so hey, no big deal right? That “little” percentage of Americans buried makes it o.k.? See how easy it is to flip things on the basis of our personal view versus God’s grace and redemption?

If human beings were merely numbers, “So what?!” -until it’s you, someone you really love and care about, the falsely accused, the poor, the mentally ill, your next-door neighbor who happens to be a truly good friend.

It is troubling, sometimes sick and even hypocritical how we embrace the power of God in Christ via His redeeming work on the cross to change our own life and have so little faith that those we don’t like, distrust or “just want gone” are not and/or cannot be redeemed.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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