White America Wake Up, Grow Up, Ante Up

I’ve lived a long enough life to see first-hand how people of my race blow off personal responsibility while demanding people of color must accept theirs. Whites living a false gospel of whiteness continue to come up with every possible defense by table-turning, blame shifting arguments as to why distance from grace and compassion, harsh and indeed racist laws are not only acceptable but somehow biblical and just. For whom?

Another name has been added to the list of black victims. His name- Ahmaud Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery

Murdered for jogging while black in a white neighborhood by two white men with weapons. There are countless names and photos that could be cited here, a massive list of American mothers who grieve due to such loss. Far too many. Plenty of professing Christians in my nation shrug and rationalize “Probably had it coming, reaping what they sowed, we don’t have all the facts, judge not” while blood cries out from the ground. When will we Wake Up from this nightmare of fatalities we whites help create by our own prejudice, willful distance and ignorance, self-righteousness, fear and violent attacks often in the name of “self-defense”? Loving our non-white neighbors as ourselves requires white America to Grow Up by facing not only our historical past but current need to repent of our own present sin (“It’s not my problem”) with regard to black and other non-white Americans.

Colonial history the world over tells a repeating tale of subjugation, domination, exploitation. Genocide has never been a stranger to the tactics of human conquest. Our past is not past. “All have sinned and fallen short” includes everyone of every skin color, yet it is the anteing up whites in this nation seem most unwilling to face in the present.

Rather than repent, facing the many layers of cost to our pride, systemically racist laws, the normalcy of injustices including mass incarceration, murderS and more regularly pressed upon minority people in our land we think, speak and misquote scripture to carve ourselves exits. Easier to argue, social media troll, lock up people of color, even lock and load. We make excuses because, well, “I’m not like other white people!” If there’s any truth in that at all, find a willing person of color and start asking questions about what it’s like to live as a minority person in the “United” States. Just listen. That can be a painful but fruitful way to begin.

Build loving, respectful and long-term relationships with several American people of color and if they sense consistent, genuine concern and you actually listen they may eventually open up and straight-up tell you about these issues that for them are part of black and other minority experience in our land. For centuries white folks have used a long list of ways and means that told them to shut up and take the beating.

My fellow white Americans: ___WE___ must Ante Up.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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