His Name? Ahmaud Arbery

Bunch of robberies in a residential area. Guy running on a roadway -jogging or guilty of burglary? Any EVIDENCE of burglary? Men with cell phones think he may look like a description of the guilty burglar, follow him in a vehicle, stop, get out and confront him with weapons. One of them videos the jogger or burglar and the two other armed men stop and confront him. A fight between them ensues. The unarmed jogger or burglar is shot and killed by one or both armed men.

How many cell phones does it take to take video of someone, pull the vehicle in front and take video of him and another person with a mobile call the police to investigate? How many guns does it take to end a fight when you’re convinced someone is guilty -whether they are or not?

Why think when the suspect is black, you’re white and armed? People wonder why Black Lives Matter, why the Black Panthers existed, why white pastors like myself post things like this in Facebook and Twitter? Justice isn’t served until we’re confronted by injustice and refuse to be silent about it. Don’t bother responding as a troll, your comment will be deleted the moment I see it. Don’t talk to me about law and order until people on all sides of such incidents are served by it. There are many names we could mention. His name: Ahmaud Arbery. https://www.ajc.com/…/bring-charges…/fz7taEww0Nqfedg8JgXm2K/

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

7 thoughts on “His Name? Ahmaud Arbery

  1. I just finished watching the five part series on the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Black Children from 1979-1981. The series leaves the integrity of both the Atlanta police and GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigations) in question. If you have not watched it on HBO, please do. American justice is not color blind.

  2. The sad part there is a side of reality that many refuse to see. There are always two sides to every story and often only one is broadcast. It leaves a lot of questions on integrity

      1. I agree that there is a lot of corruption in the system and wrong things being done. What I wonder is how many times does it look like the wrong choice but was the correct choice made? There is just no actual solid proof either way.

      2. Tom- If you read what I wrote, please be specific on any point or points I made and explain how the guys who stopped and shot him made a correct choice? The “we don’t have all the information” is neither reasonable nor acceptable. -Glenn

      3. I agree with you in this situation that the police made the wrong choice, at least that is what it appears to me with what I know of it. However I have seen a few cases in the past that are semi similar that appeared as though maybe the police did make the right choice to shoot with what was happening at the moment, but later to be shown it was not what it appeared to be.

        Tom, it was not the police but a man and his son from the area that stopped and killed him. You likely have not read the attached article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. -Glenn

      4. Tom, the sad thing is that these men should not have confronted the jogger. 911 is available. You can follow, and report the jogger, but the armed confrontation is above and beyond.

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