What to Believe: Virus Chatter?!!

I’m trying to be proactive here re. others who will ask me, especially those who are emotionally stretched, maybe even freaked out about coronavirus/Covid-19 – here in quick and short form is how I replied to a friend online who has been hassled by all the stuff both supposedly Christian and not, being said about it. He asked “What am I supposed to think about it all?” He loves Jesus. So this is only changed slightly for clarity. I wrote-

“I just don’t buy into conspiracy theories nor hard right-wing people’s raps nor hard left-stuff, the extremes of what they’re saying on this issue. They’re not the professionals, medical experts, etc.. -whether they’re believers or not.

Sure the media hypes like politicians on both sides hype, so… what?! Nothing new. The facts are facts, we have a virus that kills, is more deadly than the flu and this isn’t the first pandemic nor will it likely be the last.

I’d say spend more time in prayer, your Bible, wash hands, only go out if necessary, wear a mask when you do, make a mask as per online patterns if you need to, not all that difficult. Practice social distancing to keep others and your family more safe.

Sure the emotions and “what-if” meter is hitting high now, that’s to be expected. “If we live we are the Lord’s, if we die we are the Lord’s, if we live or we die we belong to Jesus.” Meanwhile keep your heart towards heaven and our King, seek first His kingdom and righteousness and love your neighbor in simple practical ways while keeping some distance and wear a mask when you do. That’s really it, nothing more or less my friend.”

Phil. 4.13 -Glenn

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