Chicago Lockdown Update (4/25/20)

So far my family, myself and our JPUSA community in Chicago are all doing well through this difficult time. God rules regardless -and my hands ain’t been so clean prolly forEVER :)!

Meanwhile I finished what is now truly all my tracking for the next (18 song) record. Lot more work to be done, we’ll publicize when it’s available.

Coffee and Sanitizer in Studio B
Stella Came to Play


My sweet wife Wendi and daughter Rebecca are about to tackle a fairly short book I’ve finished my own writing in focused solely on the very earliest beginnings of Resurrection Band (aka REZ Band or REZ). When Wendi finishes writing Rebecca will help with her expertise in grammar and edit some. When finished, we’ve plans to release it in several forms via Grrr Records. PLEASE don’t bug ’em on this, when all is -finished- we’ll publicize on all our sites.

The other two books (my story of coming to faith, then the next nine months of “roller coaster” until surrender) are in limbo at the moment between other priorities taking precedence and of course, the virus. As per the rest of these projects we’ll let the world know when all is ready to ship.


My office is slooooowly looking somewhat organized!!! Lots more to do but hey, good use of time indoors. Slow we go.


Today, Wendi and I headed out to our side yard for 10 minutes, sat in the warm sunshine and then checked out the very early garden flowers just starting to wake up. Resurrection every year as Spring comes around again.

May our world, nation, states, cities, towns and rural communities wake up to walk with the Risen Christ.

Frankly, there are worse tragedies than death though we do all we can to deny such reality. Love is as real as life and death -may you reach up and out to the One Who created and sustains it here and hereafter.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

One thought on “Chicago Lockdown Update (4/25/20)

  1. Bethany and I sure wish we could come visit again. We are so thankful you are surviving the mess. Look forward to the book! Plenty of time to visit one day. Take care and God continue to bless you all. Kevin and Bethany

    Thanks Kevin, cyber hugs to you both, hunker time these days! -Glenn

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