Small Town Concern?

Covid-19? Until 9 years of age I lived in or near (country outside of ’em) very small towns in Wisconsin. Every year after my parent’s divorce I spent several weeks in those places with my Dad. Our family has regularly visited, vacationed and I’ve done countless concerts and church services, fished, hunted and otherwise interacted, loved and been kindly accepted in such communities. If God had called I would have lived happily there: fact!

It’s no secret a majority of small town America votes red, but this isn’t a post about politics. It’s not about fake news or equally stupid judgments on big-city “elites” or “dumb” rural folks.

A longtime friend posted a link on a small town Ohio model of what the flu looks like vs. Coronavirus -the dude in the vid has a Master’s in his medical field, lives and works in a small town. (John Mellencamp’s “Small Town” lyric is in my mind as I post this now.) First, what I said in a thread where some folks pushed back against in my view, fairly politically to the right friend. The common rap is faith in God (which I truly have and frankly am not afraid likely due to the reality of Jesus and very little fear of dying even if this kills me…) wash your hands and be kind to neighbors, end of discussion.

Some folks go to the extent of defending a political position, calling out media hype (as if that and pols on both sides aren’t up to their necks in that regularly) as if no solid info. ever comes from anyone or anywhere but those they like.

Ok- Here is what I said via 3 comments in that thread, then the link follows right after. Even in your virus information overload state I believe this is truly worth your time if you care about small town America.

“Mike, I agree. Been praying for friends around the nation in small towns and rural places as the healthcare situation re. hospital closures and such is huge. As for the media, at the bottom of the page you cite here is this: “At about the 5 minute mark, in the table that shows expected flu deaths, the table shows a mortality rate of 0.06% for ages 50-69 (which is consistent with the graph shown earlier), but say “0 point 6” (not “0 point 0 6”) and “1 in 167 cases” rather than “1 in 1667″. Our apologies.” Note they compare flu in their estimates -healthcare pros. not knee-jerk pols or non-media folks like most freaking out or saying merely “God will protect”, end of discussion. History doesn’t lie and plenty of people die, many who were serious followers of Jesus with tremendous faith. Dumb ain’t faith. I’m with you, praying as well as washing hands and etc.. Lord have mercy and remember that “the media” also dispenses solid information whether you like it, agree with it or simply blow it off as hard right or hard left propaganda.

Note my quote of it above- the health care folks creating this model corrected their mistake when they caught it. May we be people of such integrity and humility when we make them.

One last nickel- “The beginning of wisdom is the fear (reverence) of the LORD.” Tons of God’s Word and laced through the Book of Proverbs is “Acquire knowledge, get wisdom, understanding” and such. So we know the beginning. The end is driving 80 miles an hour in a snowstorm with black ice and “trusting God” (who has commanded us to wise up).

Thanks my friend! Amen.” [comments slightly edited for clarity]

The link:

This like all disease, doesn’t give a rip how you vote or what you THINK you know. City or country, pay attention in humility to the directions and input of folks who’s daily job is to know more than you or I. Praying, truly, for so many friends in so many rural and small town areas in this time!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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