$ + Power Wins!

This is the way the world has long done dirty, and on the most rare of occasions, perhaps some practical good.

Christ honoring? Not in any universe. So here it is:

Control outcomes by wielding money and political power (which are rather hand-in-hand) against your opponent/s for the “win”.

In banana republics or larger (say, Russia) you can also quickly understand oligarchs and often the military are part of der leader’s arsenal. Fire people who don’t kiss up to you and your position on any matter of interest.

But in general, use the stick far more than the carrot to bowl over enemies to you and your position. The hammer is loot, political cronies who know full well you can dump them or fully pardon them at your pleasure… so how do we even begin to refer to such conduct as “democratic”, “constitutional” or anything but a dictatorship propped up by… money, political clout (it’s your job on the line Congressional bubba. Tow the line “or else”) and do we actually believe such is a Christ-like model of how to treat people with whom we disagree?

In places where the military willingly do the bidding of such people in power we have quite the muck soup, hmmmm?

Just cut the deal with a hammer in hand and watch power triumph over love in the real world.

No. “Overcome evil with good.”

Threats, force via money, political power, firing and the demand for loyalty above honesty and a 360 rule of law are somehow good for society? Koolaide by the gallon, that.

Things to consider for the journey.

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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