Beneath The Snow

(A birthday gift to my friends) -Glenn

Stark winter slaps
With freezing wind
And icy heart
It’s reign begins

Beneath the white
Below the snow
The cold of ice
Yet thaw must come

Beneath it’s claim
Defiant frost
All dormant life
Will spring at last

The sun of Spring
Due season change
Dark shrouded dead
Shall green again

Through winter’s boast
And tundra’s cast
The light of change
Shall blooming, Laugh!




One thought on “Beneath The Snow

  1. Cool – liking it.
    I like snow, but looking forward to spring too since we have a pool now.

    My b-day was on the 19th, so it really is a b-day gift, well rec’d.

    Tim V.

    Sweet, thx and Birthday blessing! -Glenn

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