Our Sufficiency…

This a.m. I was inspired to post this due to a dear leader who very humbly, honestly wrote of her own frailty and how dearly she needed the Lord to do anything, especially and even when offering some of her best (to other’s judgment) work.

The other thing that moved me to write was a couple truly gracious, humbling encouragements from folks I respect who said the sort of positive stuff you could hardly pay anyone to say about you- and they did so in public. Whew.

I’ve mentioned this before, but in truth, those things I receive the most praise for from others have regularly been the most demanding but also gifted-from-God (in my view) while yet points of insecure, “Lord- bail me on this, I’m flying by the seat-of-my-pants-here!” work I have done or now do! Truth.

I struggle with pride, arrogance and when I’m aware of this I also repent. I also have to come to Him with my sometimes mis-placed lack of faith that I can accomplish anything of value. At the same time, this morning something came up I do feel confident about because I’ve spent a great deal of time, thought, study and effort WITH TONS OF HELP FROM WISE AND EXPERIENCED FRIENDS in so doing. Updating my wife’s computer. Yep.

The moment I recognized the need I emailed a close computing guru and he offered to help. Meanwhile I know what I can and need to do prior to his direct input, so there was that measure of confidence in myself present.

Now- singing, songwriting, recording, live performance, speaking, you name it and I’m often praying my heart and brains out before, during and after because I’m still in some cases quite the insecure little kid trying to do good with the ingredients I’ve been given.

When I say “Glory to God!” I’m not even slightly joking or just tossing out a phrase that often gets used glibly.

Where or when am I most confident? When after a great deal of thought, prayer, consultation and looking full in the face of the costs I’m deeply convinced I’m doing what the Lord has called me to do -and whatever the price, so be it. In such cases I’m in and whether hugs, “friendly fire” or “Go to hell” results I’m ok with it.

An old lyric of mine says it:

“Whatever one could ask of faith, Obedience will give, Together all express the love, In hearts where Jesus lives”

Jesus and people must be my focus, not merely some flawed dude named Kaiser.

Grace, daily grace, passion based on knowledge and God-help-us, wisdom and the willingness to live one’s convictions is key to a life well lived.

The rest is likely more about self than Jesus, the kingdom of God or people’s needs being met.

Here I stand. And I typically get there by crawling via prayer, study, accountability.

Bottom line? https://biblehub.com/2_corinthians/3-5.htm

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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