Definition: From??

I’ve been pondering an axiom for some time now and it’s really a question that I do believe has a solid answer.

Boil it down to the “nth”, and ultimately, in the end, do we bring definition to our lives by bringing information to the Scripture or does the Word of God bring definition to us? Which is it?

A wise, studied person will likely say that science, archaology, history, textual criticism and personal/group experience and more bring great definition, enlightenment and clarity to the Bible. I would not entirely disagree with that.

Nor do I believe in the ultimate sense that we may trivialize or merely negate The Bible on those bases if it has any legitimate spiritual, metaphysical value to us.

While some will balk at there being any such thing as “spirit” or “spirituality” in say, scientific terms, my own life-long experience with both the Book and the God of the Book not only disagrees but disagrees with such a brush-off by my very life.

No Bible, no living Glenn Kaiser, simple as that.

In the absolutely most shortened form, my “testimony” is that John 3.16 became as real to me as the internet you and I are using to read this on. No internet, no communication/connection of this post.

No God? No worries, John 3.16 is simply words by somebody who may not even exist about someOne who may not exist. Certainly some have faith (see what I did there :)?) in that.

My take is that humans demand personal definition of what is truth, reality and in a practical sense, our own ability to control our life. Or as I repeatedly hammer at in my writings, self-deity. We want to be God, hence what we bring to The Bible is “cannon” as opposed to what it brings, says to us about us, who we are and where we’re going with or without Jesus.

Convenient… but a long study of history informs me the human race is a flaming mess in deep need with the occasional ray of light breaking in.

“The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.” (Psalm 119.130)

Oh there is much more to say, but for now, I’ll simply state that unless God defines us we’re dust-to-dust and without meaning or consequence before, during and after.

Jesus tells us something quite different. Eternally better. Or worse, depending on our willingness to trust and surrender to Him.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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