Early January, Plans

None of us knows what may come of plans but mine are basic at present. Aside from my marriage, family, local fellowship, denominational and such core relationships I’ve several items on the front burners this year.

I’ve a protest record followed by a project that will likely be of general interest but focused on what people behind bars need to hear. The first is Americana/folky and in spots stripped down in-your-face rock stuff, the second is blues/worship from full band to some sparse tunes that call for use in jails, prisons and your local bike rally.

I’ve two books that need editing, then out they go- the first re. my spiritual awakening, the second about how I came to surrender over the next nine months.

There may be a live solo blues (Facebook) concert to benefit a friend in need coming up.

I have a good many jail and prison appearances booked or in process and just chatted w. a military chaplain about doing such.

Wrote a deep blues song today (my spiritual birthday) and filmed a rough jam of it on my uke via my phone.

The lyrics?

49 YEARS TODAY glenn kaiser

I heard you knockin’, on my door
Kept on knockin’, comin’ back for more
You gave me ears, so I could hear
Lord I never knew a love so dear

Been 49 years to the day
When I learned to pray

God how my addictions
Wrapped me up in chains
Nearly took me out
Nearly took my breath away

Been 49 years to the day
My sins were washed away

A death had to happen
Mine was in the wings
But since our life together
I say “Death where is your sting?!”

Been 49 years, you an’ me
An’ soon eternity
Thank you Jesus
For love that set me free

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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