Inner Turmoil?

I could be completely wrong, often am of course- but today I think I’ll post an overview of “the way we seem to carry on” scenarios that can offer peace or actually open the door to inner conflict and misery. Note- either of those typically gets shared with those around us whether we wish it so or not.

I’ve no degree in anything, not a social scientist, never studied philosophy but in my current (66) years I’ve lived with hundreds of people in a large and extremely diverse intentional Christian community. I’m fully at home in urban or rural life. Right through my days I (and most of my friends) have interacted with a wide and wider range of people of many (or zero) spiritual faiths, cultures, ethnicities, races and economic stability/instability.

I’ve also traveled the world and spent plenty of time in other nations and experienced how folks interact in cultures quite different from my own.

My personal and admittedly non-academic, simple overview is:

—We do or don’t do positive stuff with our own inner turmoil regardless of the causes whether self, others or a mix of both stir it up in our minds and emotions on any given moment of any particular day

—We do or do not consider a -balanced- view of both our personal responsibility to grow from rather than ignore the pains we either suffer or imagine (again, elements of both sometimes) as well as forming and maintaining links with wise people who can help us carry the burdens regarding the issue/s

—Our focus is either balanced between self-care and others-care or it isn’t, and like our thoughts, emotions, physical health, circumstances and etc., that balance or lack of it can and does often change day by day

—I find in the life habits, teachings and Person of Jesus Christ as revealed in the four Gospels both spiritual -and- practical examples of how to deal with turmoil and suffering like I have never discovered in any other person or text

Being truly grateful for relationship to Him and His grace in my life, I’ve been clean and sober for most of my lifetime now. For some years self-medication (self-deity anyone??) was my only solution. Allelulia, that hasn’t been the case for many years!

Something to consider perhaps?

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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