A Few Mins. = CANJO :)

The puck stops here! Well, the neck came from a broken, tossed hockey stick. Basic tin can, eyebolt for tuner, acoustic E (wound) guitar string, no bridge needed and the “nut” is a screw-in little eye to also guide the string to the “tuner”.

Look close and you’ll see the neck was a fail , would’ve been a 3 stringer, sat in stack for years and today I re-found that little can and thought “Yup, let’s!”


She’s 18 1/4 inches tip-to-tip, scale from bottom of can to “nut” is 14 5/8 inches and at the moment tuned to a C. Seems to like it. A bit tinny sounding (no joke, most of ’em are!!) but I like it.

CANJO BLUES  -glenn kaiser

Got a, tin can an’ a hockey stick
A guitar string an’ a eye-bolt too
Made a pick from a credit card
Glass slide from a hot salt tube

Ain’t what you got, it’s what you do
Somedays I play the canjo blues

Go on laugh but the poor ain’t gone
Close your eyes an’ jus’ move along
But the point is simple -ain’t got to be rude
Creator love gonna see ’em through

Ain’t what you got, it’s what you do
Somedays I play the canjo blues

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn




2 thoughts on “A Few Mins. = CANJO :)

  1. We’ll Glenn put the words and music together in all that “free time” you have do we “can” all enjoy it. 🙂
    Blessings to you, Wendi and the whole family at JPUSA

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