Another Way?

Of course there is. My guesstimate is some 98 percent of the time there is more than one way to accomplish most things. One (boring or not an interest to many) might be an individual, non-profit or corporate approach to computing needs/desires.

All but my phone (Android) and Kindles (Android) which are tweaked Linux operating systems are Linux OS based. I’ve no more towers, only older and mostly “land-fill” laptops, one connected to a monitor because half the lappy screen is shot. I use mostly “Porsche” operating systems in “Trabant” machines 🙂

To keep it very simple I’ll just say my current favorite ‘nix distributions at this time are Peppermint Linux, antiX, Puppy, and Austrumi Linuxes. I’ve tried and used countless other ‘nix distros over many years but at this point, these are my go-to’s.

Some of my ol’ boat anchors are still 32 bit machines with a whopping 2 gigs of ram in ’em so those last 3 OS’s rock on them.

Now, the alternative systems I use aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and it never surprises me when “popular” is for a list of reasons, an individual, a group of peers or business choice. There are so very many reasons why people go for this, that or the other in their lives, lifestyle choices I’ve long stopped being shocked much less myself mocked, laughed at or for that matter firmly rejected over, right down to the very computers and systems I use. I truly just don’t care about major adulation or rejection. Oh I have feelings, suffer hurts, but these cannot be allowed to rule my life.

This of course gets tested off and on, but such is the real world on a vast planet with vast opinions, wants, demands and even survival issues for folks.

I can usually offer a list of reasons why I make alternative or on occasion, more common choices but even then I don’t expect any number of people will agree with me or be converted.

A wise wag (don’t recall who) said “No one was ever converted to Christ by arguing.” This made and makes complete sense to me. Years ago some of my Jesus freak friends and I would on occasion ask a person we were sharing the Good News of Jesus with “If I truly answered all your questions so that intellectually you were persuaded to follow Him -would you?” In my experience the answer was near 100 percent “No.”

Often the next question I put their way was “What will it take?” and their response “I don’t know.” Honest answers… and I always appreciated such.

One of a long list of reasons I follow Jesus is that He did and continues to change my life toward love, grace, forgiveness and balance. He also provides conviction of my sins which I can and do confess and repent of. He continues to be faithful in our daily relationship to bring sense, tolerance and yet boldness to speak and write as honestly as I can regardless of what it costs me or whether others agree or not. No fanboi/whomever is nor shall be sitting on the throne of God when I face Him on that day.

Now, plenty of people are as distant from my fave Person as they are my fave computer operating system, or as in Android, really don’t know nor care about the details and I understand that.

Meanwhile I’ll just say whether hip or idiotic to anybody, I’m deeply grateful, deeply blessed, and each and every “alternative” to me isn’t automatically fabulous -or- damnable.

As for God, eternal love in relationship with Him… that you must take up with Him, cuz some alternatives will indeed destroy no matter the temporal pleasure. Jesus said about Himself “I AM the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by Me.” There is exclusivity in some areas of reality.

Overall in this post, I’m not referring to any one issue here as there are a world full of them that relate to what I’m saying.

Things to consider perhaps -as I type this on an old discarded laptop running Peppermint Linux 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Headed for the landfill? Nope!

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