Mid-November Tour, Etc. Update

Well it has been a cookin’ year! Right now I sit in our warm dining room about to collect dinner for family, but the weekends before had a SWEET time at the annual Chicago Cigarbox Guitar Festival. Just home late last night from a long and amazing weekend w. my bros and sis’s at Bangor and Machias, Maine Calvary Chapels, so many kind folks and new faces- and I admit suffering w. lobster from the local folk in Machias… wow!

Now upcoming- one or two solo Christmas shows, a fair number of Cook Co. Jail and -maybe- one more max security Illinois prison set before Christmas. And of course first Thanksgiving, and just prior to that a Cook Co. Jail chaplain’s team retreat.

The usual family time, laundry and family errands, 3 1/4 songs to finish my tracking on the next record -a protest album- and work on a book (a bit re. my family, upbringing experiences and how I came to believe).

So not much happening- HA!! It seems I did 70 appearances all over creation this year. So far, and truly so good, blessed to share and so very many kind friends both old and new… thanks to all who pray(ed) and have communicated in such gracious ways whether via the web or in person.

Yep, gettin’ ready for Thanksgiving I guess 🙂

But I am so very thankful right now. It’s cold outside, weather dropped like a rock this past week for many in the U.S., certainly here in Chicago!

Stay warm, better yet, see what you might do to help someone else get out of the cold, the bitter and the destructive. To the best of my ability and on several levels that’s how I roll.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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