Update, Plus a Word About Love

Well moving through an upper chest cold, cuz my Wendi and I share everything , ha!! But she and I are both slowly on the mend.

The weekend sets at Lawrenceville Correctional w. my friends Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators, then solo in a private house show w. dear ones and another set that night at Connexion Church in Danville, IL were so sweet. Just amazing, kind folks, receptive, great chats and a safe trip home through a bit of rain on the back roads.

Tonight I speak at Cook Co. Jail, and the plan is to be at CCJ the next two Mondays after, then comes a solo blues set and hanging with a lot of great players at the Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival at the Friendly Tap in Berwyn. You likely know to hit http://www.GrrrRecords.Com/Shows for details on all I do re. touring. We also post all shows here and in Facebook and Twitter.

Continuing work on records, books and loving autumn. So very Thankful for my Wendi, family and JPUSA, ECC fellowship!

As I walked through the garden today the ol’ Chicago wind is blowing big-time. Birds are flocking up and I noticed feeling that sense of peace, almost like a hug when I walked in even though it’s raining now and then and the wind is going nuts at the moment.

The Holy Spirit reminds me in many and varied ways that a sense of peace, safety and acceptance doesn’t come from people all the time, sometimes it just ain’t there -but this isn’t the case between myself and God.

I’ve been blessed with a mountain landslide full of amazing friends who are truly friends. The love of Jesus is our actual link, not tacit or complete agreement on every issue. I suspect they, like me, work at not allowing “triggers” within each of us to fire off salvos when our views are not aligned. That “iron sharpens iron” comment in Proverbs of course means heat, sparks, sometimes outright outrage. And yet… by God’s love, grace and I hope wisdom, a  bit of humility and willingness to hear even when in stark disagreement… we walk together even though at times we don’t agree.

Doesn’t that sound like the relationship God has with us?

Pretty cool. And can be safe -if we’re willing to “lose” sometimes, or be thought of as a dolt, which on occasion any of us can be and likely are!

I also pick my battles. Today it was with the wind, and like with the wind I cannot control (nor do I need to!) either the wind nor another person’s mind on any issue. What I can do is put on a jacket, hat, gloves and walk. I can re-visit, try to really grasp the other person’s viewpoint/s and go again and again which I do on most hot-button topics, to God’s Word (Bible) with an open heart and mind. If I don’t agree after that, at least at that time, we don’t agree. Therefore… what?

The core of it all?

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma.” -Eph. 5.1,2

If full agreement is the only solution, your relationship with God, spouse, family, workplace, sports team and eventually yourself as you learn, grow and change your mind on issues is impossible. But what God tells us via Paul in Ephesians, like the Lord’s other statements, is never impossible.

A brilliant quote from a colleague was posted recently. Read it carefully and you’ll get the modern English meaning. I don’t agree with PPW on every point but this is in my view, sooooo spot-on:

P. P. Waldenstrom, speaking in Arvika, Sweden, July 2, 1872: “Hold fast to the confession but love those who think differently. If one thinks this way, that he who does not think as I do does not therefore think as God does, then it is farewell to all peace and love.”  (Recorded by C. J. Nyvall  P. 141, My Fathers Testament, by David Nyvall)

Something to remember when strong winds blow.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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