“In The In-Between”

Took a walk through the garden this a.m. with a cup of coffee, checking out the sorta-kinda changing flowers, birds, butterflies and buzzing bees all while considering and praying for so many friends deeply ill, some in hospital, people’s kids hitting hard walls in various areas, difficult and major issues of importance in the U.S. and the U.K. and on it goes. I won’t bother searching through my posts here, nor emails or other areas for prose/lyrics I’ve likely written on this theme before but today this is what came of my thoughts. God help us use our time wisely.

Oh, somewhat related, after a long hiatus, a fresh podcast if you’re interested in 12 mins. of chatter: https://gkaiser.podbean.com/e/crisis-or-no-crisis/

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Gone, Dormant, Green and In-between

glenn kaiser

Sometimes we just want closure
An end to fraying seams
Sometimes it just gets crazy
Brutal -or simply mean
Illness, death, the on and on
Poisoning our dreams
Mirrors all around us
Revealing speck and beam
I think we need unchanging grace
While living in the in-between

This morning in the garden
Summer feel in Fall
Leaves not quite yet turning
Grasses. flowers, tall
Weather this, whether that
Sunny, cloudy, stalled
Cool nip in the air today
Birds feed through it all
His eye’s still on the sparrow
Winter, Spring-ish clean
The gift of faith sustaining
While living in the in-between

The whole world seems conflicted
Most everyone’s for sale?
Focused on survival
Blaming “them” for fail
The power and the glory
Never ours to give
Recognized or not
In the One Who ever lives
Death and taxes certain -yet
Eternal daylight streams
Grace/time: prepare to meet your God
While living in the in-between

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