Reality Chicago

And of course, not only Chicago, not by a long shot!!

“A 77-year-old veteran slowly limps in and finds his seat. Despite serving his country, he can’t get his benefits or housing because of “red-tape” and a technicality. He waits. His health isn’t good, so love calls us to fight for his benefits while making sure he’s fed, clothed, has a bed, and is visited in his frequent trips to the hospital.” -Jeremy Nichols

Cornerstone Community Outreach Mural

These are an excerpt and pic from one of my heroes. Jeremy and Beth live next door to Wendi and I at Jesus People U.S.A. here in Chicago. His blog is one I read and on occasion quote as they’ve both served the poor and homeless for many years (as do a number of folks here at JPUSA… a long list of amazing friends of mine…) truly practicing what they preach. This is a long and important read I highly recommend.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Reality Chicago

  1. Thanks for sharing the article link. It helps to expand my vision and I’m grateful for the ministry work there to the ‘least of these’. I want to always do what I can within my reach to help people and be like Jesus to those who need help on this earth.

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