“Christian” Music (and other) “Indu$try”?

We must physically survive, are “worse than an infidel” if we don’t provide for our family, are called to “render to Caesar what is Caesars” and so forth. Yep, stewardship. Agreed, got all this as practical and not only scriptural.

About 25 years ago I wrote some articles published in Cross Rhythms online (England). One piece was also published in an out-of-print book from Cornerstone Press Chicago- More Like the Master a Christian Musician’s Reader.

Michael Card, John J. Thompson, Charlie Peacock and several other noted people contributed fine chapters dealing with a wide range of issues in that book.

I provide the Cross Rhythms online link to my own chapter here only thinking two changes would suffice (in my view) if I had just written it this morning.

The ninety-nine percent figure no longer applies as so very many professing Christians are not involved in the “Christian music industry” as such… though the rest fully still applies even in the mainstream and indy music worlds.

Other than this, as has often been said these days the “Christian music industry” is largely focused on somewhat more hip worship in terms of lyrics and music styles… though huge tours, sales and numbers still greatly affect what is and ain’t played on radio, internet stations and the like.

What I wrote in the article is what I’ve believed and had experience with for closer to forty years, but in any case, if interested, it’s brief and may be of interest.


As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

4 thoughts on ““Christian” Music (and other) “Indu$try”?

  1. Thanks Glenn, I read the article and I must say that many of the points apply to most vocations. What is your motive for being a doctor? Why be a lawyer? Why paint houses? I scripture I says something like this, “Do all things heartily as unto the Lord”. Our motives in life are so important. If our motive is to store up great wealth here on earth, or to gain fame, we can easily be caught up in them. I am a contra and square dance caller. Several years ago, I almost left it behind me, due to having less than a dozen dances a year. BUT, after a small dance, a Pastor’s wife came up to me and said “thank you for your ministry to us” Ministry? Wow I never looked at dance calling that way. My lack of bookings and resulting fees had been discouraging. Her comments caused me to reevaluate why I call dances? Primarily, it had to be to spread JOY. I then accepted this as a calling, a vocation, from God. What a gift I had been giving. I am on target now to call between 120-150 times each year. Calling dances does not bring me material wealth, but it brings me great joy and more importantly, it brings joy to the hundreds, maybe thousands, that I call to each year. I thank the Lord for his blessings and often think of how that Pastor’s wife change my life. A joyful heart does good, like medicine”.

    1. Thanks Rich, yep! If it were not possible to “Do all you do as unto the Lord” such a direct command would make no sense. It indeed comes down to calling and surely motive. As I say, “kingdom of self” is the glitch… as usual… over and against what the Spirit seeks to do in, through and blessing others regardless of personal advancement, though those sometimes come. Thanks bro, with you! -Glenn

  2. Excellent article. I have learned that everyone has to make sure that whatever they do it is what God wants them to do and then do it as to the Lord. I wonder how many are doing things because that is what God wants them to do. Or is it because it is money or position based. This is regardless of what they do. I currently work at cleaning pools. I worship God while doing it and pray for the customers. I see it as a ministry. Thank you for sharing this. Many blessings!

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