Mich, Chgo Weekend

A few of the crowd at Wolverine Harley

It was sunny and warm Sat. north of Detroit at the Rally for Rocky, a sweet bro. who is now home with Jesus. Had a good turnout and cool moments with his Mom, Dad who came. Lots of BFC and other clubs attended, fun jamming w. two cool bros. (Love and Respect Pastor Z). God’s Dirt are so kind- and repeatedly rocked my speakers on the ride home via their new cd! I headed out right after my set cuz of the Sun. event -bit of heavy rain (no issues, I love rain).

Pastor Kristian and some of the crowd

Today (Sun.) attended a sweet outdoor service and Block Party at PilgrimFest in Chicago and sat in w. their team for the last tune. I did a set and featured my beautiful Wendi for the last song as the set had to be shortened as little bits of rain began to fall. The Jessie White Tumblers rocked it in the street… so talented! But it was all amazing, again great crowd, food and kind, kind folks over on Winchester Ave. at Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School.

Ok, GKB blues/rock north of Indy this coming weekend- the show Sat. and I speak Sun. a.m.. All our shows posted at GrrrRecords.Com/Shows  (as well as here at glennkaiser.com if you search for Appearances or Shows).

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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