Say… What -Or Nothing?


As I recently took another short ride through years of my blog 
posts I recognized and was reminded of something.

I have always sought to lead a purposeful life. Now my wife Wendi
says I was "born old" :) meaning that I can be ever soooo serious,
 and she's correct about that. I crack a lot more jokes than some
would realize (ain't the best joke teller either!). Yet there are
things of importance where being deeply serious IS important.

I've always been at core a communicator. As a kid I loved cb
radio, tv and radio, loved to listen but also to talk -and I talk
too much and often surely drive folks crazy around me as much as I
try to not do so... argggh.

So two things: I've never wanted to release a song or a group of
them in a record OR a social media post without thinking whether
the song/s or post/s were of value to the extent of sharing them.

Certainly not everything I've recorded or written is worth sharing
in public but most every time I've done so it was at least in my
own judgment, worth posting in that someone somewhere would

Sometimes I've posted what would be considered basic trivial stuff
by certain judgment. Guess what? Partly that is to make a statement
that I'm a human being who laughs, does laundry and simply lives a
life with all the common day-to-day stuff most everyone else in
America deals with.

The same for my often goofy attempts at something funny. I'm no
utterly "Sppppppiritual DUDE" who floats above the ground with
nothing but heavenly stuff pouring out of me! Anyone living close
to me in community will tell you all this but some who have a
public personna of decades can be considered such depending on the
bulk of their output. I decided years ago to bust that bubble
because authenticity needs to rule over phoneyness as does humanity
over making "a spiritual impression".

This morning I indeed prayed as I rose, opened up and read
several devotionals worth pondering, and took out my Kindle and
mobile Bluetooth keyboard thinking maybe I had something worth
writing to post. Well there are times I really have nothing much
to say and a great many things I've written (in my main blog over
a hundred at present) that may or many never get public airing.

There are a great many songs that likewise may never be heard
sitting here or there on my phone or other device.

And that's as it should be.

My point is that the first thing I asked myself and prayed about
was whether I had anything of value to write.

Seems to me a lot of us in social media and other communications
would benefit the world and church more if we asked ourselves and
God that very question -and took His input before tossing it out
in the world of words, songs and ideas.

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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