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Many years ago a kind Canadian friend told me I should begin writing a blog. It seemed my lyrics and lifestyle in inner-city community might serve more if people understood my thinking on things. At first I declined, wondering if anyone would care what I thought about much of anything, but the more I prayed and considered, eventually took her up on it. She and her husband became friends of Wendi and I, and as she did the cool web design work, I began blogging.

If memory serves (it may not…) early days I wrote on a private server, then to which continued via our server site in a “box”, then to a now defunct site which I truly loved called Posterous, and when that site shut down I arrived at WordPress actually transferring all my Posterous posts here. If you dig through those earliest posts you’ll find the formatting did not transfer so you just get a massive paragraph per post. Oh well!

I’ve (of course!) repeated myself endlessly re. my own core concerns and critiqued my positions on a host of issues -but also on occasion re-read what I wrote many years ago reconsidering my thinking and writing. It has been rare but not completely unusual to think there are areas where I’d modify -that- right now… or perhaps take a slightly different angle at public discourse on an issue. For the most part I stand on what I’ve written and as per the internet, it’s all out there and find-able to all world-wide. Seems the first start was December 2000.

A snapshot from July 21, 2001:

The real question is whether I have lived and now act upon my beliefs. That is always the issue. Throwing words around in public is one thing, a life that reflects the love and hopefully on-going maturity of a Christ-follower takes real consideration, effort and at times repentance.

I nearly never re-post past blogs though at times thought it might be good to do. Dunno. At this point I think I won’t having so much going on in mind and activity in the present. But I have just added links to the WaybackMachine as well as my original Blogger pages if you are really crazy and want to peruse years of all sorts of my posts.

Before God, I could care less how many people pay attention to what I write, the internet is FLOODED with words, writers and pundits of all stripes who are better at it and say things you may more benefit from than what I write. But, fyi.

Most of you are aware of my other present day issue-specific blogs by now but if not:



(Note, scroll to bottom of page there for -years- of archives via my Blogger blog)

And- Old GK Series I wrote posted by my friends at CrossRhythms Online in the U.K.:

Lastly, GK Blog Posts Via The Wayback Machine (internet archive search site):*/glenn%20kaiser%20blog

As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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