I read two quotes today that I thought warranted comment as they are so… well… foundational to life in all aspects.

There is a time for impulse, for quick reaction, but most times and situations do not demand that.

A famous Christian writer from a loooong time ago wrote:

The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid. -Thomas A. Kempis

I have shared elsewhere that being poor in a very early (I was 13 years old) band put me in a learning and lesson stage.

The circumstance was a birthday party, 3 music sets (we did I think, about 8 songs… the same ones for ea. set!).

I had not checked my cheapo electric guitar and as I played either twice or three times screws fell out and a string flipped off the neck!!

This helped teach me the importance of maintenance, going over the screws and other items of music gear.

Another quote came in today:

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation
with the bricks others have thrown at him. -David Brinkley

The humility to know we do NOT know… and “big ears”, “study to show yourself approved a worker towards God” is all about growing and of course, humility is core! Hearing, learning from those further down the path of love, solid Christ-honoring disciples speaking into our lives… I have SO benefited from so many now and right through my life. INVALUABLE people for me and anyone serious about following Jesus!

Sometimes it takes a very hard fall to learn how to find balance on a bike.

I could go on but you get my drift already.

The devil does not bother with the exotic high storeys of your spiritual building because it is in the little things (the little foxes spoil the grapes) where our foundation was either never laid or neglected due to any number of things… this is where we fail and allow the sea to rush in if we are not vigilant.

It sounds (and in one sense IS) quite simplistic, but daily prayer, Bible study, confession of sin, mentor/discipler/small group input, regular fellowship with people who will challenge us -in love- to grow, to be awake, to truly and in non-rote seek JESUS and true interaction with Father and Spirit daily… and not being ashamed of the Gospel of Christ to the extent we open our hearts and mouths to share Him and it… all of these are if left undone part of individual and sometimes local church UNdoing.

Jesus said “Stay awake!” Pay attention and indeed as per Revelations, “Do the works you did at first”, “FIRST Love” relationship, all of this is so basic but often left in the dust of “higher truth/s” that can in fact create more arrogance than solve our issues of ignorance.

Things to consider along the journey perhaps? Take real care of your foundations -and if they were never laid, you know what to do!

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


  1. Thank you Glenn. Words of wisdom. I consider you a mentor of sorts. Your music and your life have been a steady source of encouragement.

    Welcome! Grace, all grace! -Glenn

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