Sweet Small Town Report

Another amazing weekend, this time a cigarbox guitar workshop, show and min-show at Dassel, Minnesota’s Red Rooster Days. Wendi and I drove up and got to hang out with a dear pastor friend and his family, meet the kind mayor and his wife and many other good folks right through our time there.

Pastor Darren at Ev. Covenant in Dassel has done several of these type weekends when he was in International Falls, MN, and every time it’s been a treat for us.

Here are a few pics as well.

In that countryside and small towns in Wisconsin were where I was born and lived until the third grade- and visited and vacationed every summer, many sweet memories and lessons always come to mind on these types of tours. This trip was no different for me.

One of the gifts I’ve been given is the understanding and respect I have for people from living in very rural and also large inner city urban areas. Too many are polarized in thought, culture and politics based in either the one or other experience and/or preference. I’m truly at ease in either situation and I believe that allows me to honestly appreciate and hopefully bless people in either place.

Next weekend we’re in inner-city St. Paul, MN. Yep 🙂 See my earlier post for details:  www.gkaiser.wordpress.com/2019/08/20/gk-aug-sept-appearance-schedule-update/

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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