Working Poor

Fake news… all about personal responsibility… suck it up… and you who talk do exactly what for those in the following real-world situations? Don’t waste your time trolling, but if you can humble yourself long enough to read this very thorough article and indeed check the links you’ll get a better understanding on the real world for the working poor in the U.S.. It ain’t pretty and it isn’t in all cases “their own fault” full stop “get off my lawn”. Meanwhile here’s a lyric I wrote a couple years ago that will appear in a record I’m working on. As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

THE WORKING POOR by Glenn Kaiser

Rustbelt trains keep rollin’ on
Movin’ Chinese goods to every town
The union songs ain’t sung much more
Wall Street barons closed the store

Welcome to the ranks of the working poor

College grads go back to school
No livin’ wage but you ain’t no fool
Women’s pay is on the floor
The boss man chooses, that’s for sure

They told us if we worked real hard
We’d own a fine house with a dog in the yard 
That we could be anything that we chose
The emperor’s wearin’ his new clothes

Hey hey ho ho activist
No sense hangin’ like a passive fist
Most sit on the couch an’ just complain
Dance between drops in a soakin’ rain

Artful Dodgers at our core
Or we hide inside an’ lock the door
Silent architects of the working poor
Hail the architects of the working poor

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