SW Correctional, Texas Biker Bash Report

Whew, quite the schedule but we are getting things done for sure!

Last week vacation, this weekend began early after doing Tues. laundry, other chores and errands, more errands on Weds. and a drive to Dixon and my rockin’ friends Todd Anthony Joos and The Revelators.

Got about 3 hours of sleep, breakfast at 3am, hopped in their van and 5 hour drive and couple hour load-in, setup, soundcheck and a rocking and super-well-received set from myself, a tune with the Revs and they proceeded to tear it up more!

The men at Southwestern Correctional in E. St. Louis- and the kind warden and chaplain and officers were really cool, encouraging and helpful with it all. Really, the response was off the charts. Grace.

Just a GREAT day.

Then a supper stop and 5 hours back to Dixon where I tossed my gear in the car and drove back to Chicago.

Unloaded, got a sweet 6 hours sleep and then up to finish packing, breakfast w. my sweet Wendi and I now type this waiting for a flight to Dallas-Ft. Worth, then an hour drive to Decatur and some hangout time, doing sets Sat. and again Sun., solo and jamming with friends at a large Biker Bash.

———–Ok, I’m now finishing this weekend write-up while sitting at DFW (Texas) airport at the gate for my flight to Chicago.

10th Leper

In a word, it was Amazing! And yeah, that word is seriously overused these days but so many biker friends, so many sweet, servant folks at Texas Biker Bash this whole weekend!

BIG Thanks to all- and longtime as well as some new friends who played sweet blues with me -who know the music and feel it. SO nice.

Here are just a few pics from the weekend. It was hot, but a nice breeze, places with ac on the grounds, a cooling light water spray tent right near the outdoor stage, the food great -and superb hospitality. And just a few cool bikes 🙂

So errands and appointments this week, then on to Dassel, Minnesota with Wendi for a cigarbox guitar workshop and GK Solo concert this upcoming weekend (details here at glennkaiser.com in last Appearance update).

Hope so see some of you on the road 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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