This little guitar started life as a basic 3 string slide git with my travel/tour schedule in mind. I didn’t like the tone from the piezo inside the Altoids tin, and a fresh re-do came to mind. How?

A Facebook friend hit me w. a pic of a round tin 2 string slider he noticed in downstate Illinois at a thrift shop. But unlike typical 1 string diddley bows, this one had 2 strings very close together (like a 12 string guitar does). Well, one can use thicker (lower, bassier sounding) strings, or 2 high matching string, or really with 3 tuners as you can see, I could re-do this any way I might choose to mix and match, even low bass string and a couple matching high strings like a hybrid 2 stringer… lotta possibilities for this little one.

I got to thinking that if I kept it a 2er like the one he showed me, and screwed it tightly on a solid but thin box, well the volume, depth of tone and even the piezo in the Altoids tin might produce better than it was. It worked!

I think in part the sound and tone is much better because I chose to mount the neck on the bottom of the solid box, and use that as the “front”. Simply added a small screw to shut the real top which faces my gut… and then we hope- comes the gut-real blues.

Sometimes you don’t even need to place the neck -inside- the body (be it wood, composite or metal box, whatever) but just affix it solidly to the top as per our early Grrr Records GK model #1. So having that Arturo Fuente box handy, this is part of what I did on my vacation thanks to a local Ace Hardware (they even drilled the two holes for the carriage bolts) and hey, hey, got a slider that kicks nicely!

I wanted to build one with the tuners at the bottom as well, so it’s all there in a package.

Now, if you search up at you can find a huge amount of ways to tame and indeed deepen the tone of a single (or multiple) piezo pickup, but I have found my many gits with those are easily helped by one or other of several stomp boxes I have due to built-in tonal variations, distortion and etc., so that’s what I’m doing with gits if without a typical single coil or humbucking pickup.

“Franky” is 22 1/4 inches tip to tip, 8 1/4 inches wide and just under 2 inches thick at the thickest part. Slide only, easily hits two octaves and punches out louder than a lot of diddley bows I’ve built. And I LOVE the OPTIONS this little build offers if/as I wish to change things up re. the gauge and placing of the strings.

Fun stuff and packs easy or as a carry-on with zero extra cost when flying. Love it when inspiration comes and the fresh concept works 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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