3rd Finland Tour Update

Yesterday we ended our time of teaching Bible and Blues at the camp in south central Finland. SUCH cool people! Hot weather but cooling today and this week, ready for that!

Wendi rocked in teaching and singing, and now a day and part of the next day off with a few details below on the rest of the shows here, below.

The camp was a lot of fun as well as filled with some serious thought and discussion of important issues facing our world -a very, very good time. Now a little rest and then the rest of the gigs.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Glenn

GK/WK FINLAND TOUR 2019, the last week itinerary
Some addresses:

TUESDAY: Prison: Vaasan lääninvankila, Rantakatu, 65100 Vaasa

WEDNESDAY: look at littlepub.fi

THURSDAY morning: parkcafé: trefaldighetskyrkans park, kirkkopuistikko 24, 65100 Vaasa

THURSDAY evening: black sheep pub, Pietarsaari/Jakobstad

FRIDAY: at pubomalleys.fi

SATURDAY: God’s Squad, mc-riding and party at Bocks Corner… “all day-project”)

SUNDAY: church service in Malax: Åminne folkpark, paviljongvägen 21, 66100 Malax

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