Finland- Update #2

20190725_162330[1]The gigs nearer Helsinki were as I posted, amazing. Same goes for our lecture and jamming time here in central Finland at camp. A whole lot of interest in blues and I have been as usual, impressed with the musicians and the great kindness of our hosts and the people in general.

Wendi and I finally have caught up on our sleep, had a long walk last night and in that the weather has been warm but for the most part not as hot as in parts of the U.S., nice cool breezes have been a gift over here.

My long and deep lectures have been punctuated with questions, comments and I am again thankful these Swedish-speaking Finns in this area like most Finnish speakers have an excellent command of English. When talking about music and broad issues, musical styles and such, getting the concepts across would be difficult without it.

I bring my own personal studies of blues history and experiences as well as many, many quotes, partial biographies and an overview of core issues of spirituality, poverty, racism and survival as well as guitar history to the sessions, so many kind responses to what we’re doing here.

Today the last part of the second session was devoted to jamming and a couple variations of blues playing/song. We had several acoustic guitars, a cigarbox slide player, a couple harmonica players, a bro with a recorder, sax, two keyboardists, violinist  and I am not joking- they all blew me away with taking solos as I directed each one several times to go for it! They’re so good I invited them all to join me on the last two songs of my set tomorrow night. YES!

Tonight I bring a song to sort of prep folks for tomorrow evening. There are several outdoor events, volleyball, soccer, a climb up and repel down setup and small stage w. p.a. and some music tonight, so I was invited to bring a tune at the end -out comes my harmonica and cigarbox git.

Wendi will take one of the lecture sessions tomorrow on The Artistic Temperament (rocking, I’ve heard her do it before… sooo good!) and I will take the afternoon slot.

Ok, time to post this and rest.

I truly hope your summer is a good one- and as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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